Since our original story on the Druid hybrid motorcycle, it has come to light that the company is a hoax.  The details were always very sketchy and we too were skeptical.  Who perpetrated the hoax is still unknown, but Druid has since updated its website with the following:

 Druid is a motorcycle company that cares about the world.  Druid is powered by good nature.  Druid is powered by humor.  Druid is made of cliche.  Druid is the result of watching standards fall and hoping a little harmless levity might cause a some careful consideration going forward.

Druid is powered by press releases and a profound sadness caused by the staggering depths motorcycle journalism has sunken to.  Thank you for actually reading this far.  Hope it made you giggle a little bit.  Ride safe. 

Congrats to the person(s) at Druid.  You caught some of us out.  But frankly, spreading disinformation isn’t harmless.

Original Story Follows:

Among all the hype and talk about electric motorcycles, there hasn’t been much talk about hybrid motorcycles.  While hybrid cars are not uncommon nowadays, hybrid motorcycles seem to be few and far between.

Piaggio (MP3) and Honda (PCX) have brought hybrid scooters to market.  But hybrid motorcycles are almost nowhere to be found.  India’s TVS revealed its concept hybrid motorcycle called the Zeppelin but have yet to bring it to market.

Druid Sorcerer instrument panel

The Druid Sorcerer instrument panel. Photo credit: Druid

The latest announcement for both hybrid and electric motorcycles comes from a California company called Druid.  Druid’s hybrid machine is called the Sorcerer Hybrid.  Druid claims that the bike will combine a two-cylinder petrol engine with a 14kWh battery to develop a combined output of 230 HP.

The all-electric bike will be called the Sorcerer XEV and will reportedly produce 150 HP.

Druid also claims that both bikes feature “variable geometry frames made of 3-D printed graphene”.   While that sounds impressive, exactly what it means is not clear.

Druid Sorcerer

The front of the Druid Sorcerer. Photo credit: Druid.

The bikes will also feather an artificial intelligence system called the Druid Prophet.  According to Druid, the system will continuously read ride data in real time.  A learning algorithm will then adjust the bike for “weather, hills and riding style and to maximize performance.”

Tail section Sorcerer

The tail section of the Sorcerer. Photo credit: Druid

The remaining details are very, very sketchy, with little additional information available.  Nonetheless, Druid claims that both machines will be available for pre-order in May.

Photos on Druid’s website show very edgy and angular machines in the vein of Kawasaki’s latest bikes.

Stay tuned for more info as it develops.


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