Ducati’s announced another raft of new-for-2021 models, but this time, they’re much more modest than the V4 Multistrada announcement from November 4.

This time around, Ducati’s announced new installments in its power cruiser line: The XDiavel Black Star, and the XDiavel Dark. As the name suggests, the XDiavel Dark ($19,995 US) is just a murdered-out take on the current XDiavel formula. Ducati loves to do this—take its highly polished bikes, and slather them in black paint. No doubt some customers like this look, although the lowered MSRP seems like it’s a bit less of a draw than Ducati thinks. Whatever the case, the XDiavel Dark is here.

The Black Star model is somewhat similar, with lots of black paint, but it’s got upgraded headlight, new forged wheels, fork stanchions with diamond-like coating, new seat upholstery, and M50 Brembo brake calipers. It’s not quite an XDiavel S, but it’s sort of halfway there. It’s also only for Euro countries, for some reason. At this point, it’s not slated for the US or Canada.

Both models are now Euro5-certified, and Ducati managed to squeeze another 8 horsepower from the 1262cc DVT-equipped engine, too. Ducati claims the engine now makes 160 crank horsepower at 9,500 rpm, and almost 94 pound-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm.

Ducati also added a new Scrambler model, and updated others. The Cafe Racer and Full Throttle Scrambler models are out, and there’s a new Nightshift model. Surprise, surprise, it’s also blacked-out, kind of. It doesn’t have the same bright paint as the rest of the Scrambler line, instead opting for gray and black. It’s got wire wheels, bar end mirrors and a $10,995 MSRP in the US.

The Scrambler Desert Sled ($11,995 US) gets some flashy trim, gold spoked wheels and paint instead, and a new wire headlight guard and anti-slip seat cover. The Scrambler Icon ($9,695 US) now comes in a new red paint option. Nothing earth-shaking, but no doubt some potential customers will be happy.

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