Remember the Ducati Scrambler Desert X, the concept bike that made the show rounds in 2019? Well—Ducati has confirmed it’s making the machine for 2022, but it’s going to be much different from the original concept.

When the original Scrambler Desert X concept was out and about, it was a Dakar-style ADV powered by the 1079 cc L-twin from the Scrambler 1100 model.

The new version is known as the DesertX, and it loses that family connection to the Scrambler line. Instead, it’s powered by Ducati’s 937 cc Testastretta engine. That’s a massive upgrade in power; the 1100 L-twin makes about 85 horsepower, but the 937 Testastretta engine makes about 110 horsepower.

As well, the Testastretta engine is more likely to continue into the future of increasing environmental crackdowns. The manufacturers need to keep their engines emissions-legal, so they can continue selling them not just in Europe, but other growing markets like India, which has anti-pollution laws on par with the EU.

Now, knowing that we’ll see a new engine in the bike, we’re left wondering what else will change. Obviously, the frame itself will be somewhat different, to accommodate the new engine. The original Scrambler DesertX had a semi-laydown shock in back, just like the rest of the company’s Scramblers, but it also seems likely the suspension will be reconfigured to match the new engine’s output.

The bodywork in the promo looks similar to the concept bike from EICMA, but no doubt we’ll see some changes there as well. Expect a bit of a retro desert bike feel, though; Ducati seems keen to explore the space for a proper full-sized ADV. The official teaser site for the bike says “The DesertX is Ducati’s new Adventure bike, designed to offer great off-road capabilities thanks to an all-new chassis designed around a 21″ front wheel …”

Ducati won’t be completely revealing this motorcycle until December, but has promised continual updates until then, since that’s how companies do things these days.


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