One of the mainstays of Ducati’s motorcycle product line is the Monster.  And according to Ducati, the model just crossed a significant milestone.  The Italian manufacturer says that it recently delivered its 350,000th Monster.

The 350,000th Monster produced turns out to be a Monster 1200 S in a “Black on Black” paint scheme.  To celebrate the event, Ducati’s CEO, Claudio Domenicali, and Director of the Ducati Design Center, Andrea Ferraresi, personally delivered the machine to its new owner.


(L to R) A. Ferraresi, S. De Rose, and C. Domenicali.

To celebrate, Sebastien Francois Yves Hervé De Rose, was invited to the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale for the occasion.  De Rose had ordered the bike from Ducati Milan.

Upon his arrival at the factory, De Rose received his new machine with a personalized plate bearing the number 350,000 and a sketch of the bike signed by its designer, Angelo Amato.


The special plate identifying the 350,000th Ducati Monster ever produced.

Historically, the Monster is the highest-selling Ducati model of all time.  It also claims the title of the longest-serving motorcycle in the Ducati lineup.

According to Ducati, the Monster was first created in 1992 to put a Ducati on the street with a superbike chassis but without fairings or unnecessary parts.  Ultimately, it gave rise to a new motorcycling class, and with the release of the first Monster 900, Ducati had unwittingly developed the sports naked motorcycle market segment.

For nearly 30 years, the Ducati Monster has evolved from both a technical and aesthetic perspective.  Since that time, Ducati has produced many different Monsters, including the Monster 600, 696, 1000, and 1100 models.  More recently, the 797, 821, and 1200 Monsters now carry the Ducati Monster flag.


All photo credit: Ducati

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