A week ago Ducati issued a recall for the 2018-2019 Ducati Panigale V4, V4 S, and V4s, as Mike wrote about.

The problem is the oil cooler output port, which might crack.

That recall isn’t actually going to take effect until January 24th. But before they can even begin that one, Ducati has issued a recall for four more models.

2019 Ducati SuperSport — image courtesy of Ducati

They’re the 2017-2019 Ducati Monster 1200, Monster 821, SuperSport and SuperSport S. In all cases, the problem is gear shift knob.

Ducati say it may have been incorrectly attached and that it might come off of the shift lever. That’s a crash risk, hence the recall. As the recall notice says, Ducati will try to reach owners to get them into the dealership, where they’ll check to see if the knob is loose or not.

2019 Ducati Monster 1200 — image courtesy of Ducati

Ducati say 2,705 motorcycles are involved in all (a fact that may give us an idea of their sales numbers over that period as well.)

Graphic courtesy of the NHTSA

This recall kicks in on January 25th, or a day after the one mentioned at the top of this piece.

As an aside — an important one, mind you — if you’ve ever wondered whether or not your bike has ever been the subject of a recall, you can to the NHTSA website. They have a recall page on which you can enter your VIN. Do that, and you’ll get a list of them if they exist.

2019 Ducati SuperSport — image courtesy of Ducati

Unfortunately for Ducati, these two recalls jibe with Consumer Reports’ first motorcycle survey, in 2016. It found that Ducati and BMW brought up the rear in new-bike reliability. The survey was controversial, in part, because it didn’t take into account miles ridden. On the plus side for both brands, despite the reported issues, owner satisfaction was among the highest polled.

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