Ducati’s once again playing the “blacked-out” card, with the new Scrambler 1100 Pro Dark model just unveiled for 2021.

If you think this sounds suspiciously familiar, it’s because it is. Every fall, Ducati takes something from its Monster or Scrambler lines, covers it in black paint, and calls it a Dark model. It allows Ducati to drop the price a little bit, and apparently some buyers are into the murdered-out look. Ducati isn’t the only OEM doing this; Suzuki’s B.O.S.S. models were basically the same idea, and Triumph usually has something similar as well.

At its core, the Scrambler 1100 Pro Dark is basically the same as the standard 1100 Pro model. It has the same air-cooled 1079cc L-twin engine, with 86 horsepower and 65 pound-feet of torque; of course, it’s now Euro5-compliant. The engine comes with three riding modes configured for sport, touring or urban riding.

Like the standard Pro model, the Dark has a high-mount exhaust, cut-down rear fender, wide handlebars, mudguard-mounted licence plate, and cast wheels. Ducati’s comprehensive electronics package includes cornering-sensitive ABS and traction control.

Photo: Ducati

Most buyers will just notice the Dark Stealth paint job, combined with aluminum trim that’s anodized to look like a natural finish. Along with people who just want a blacked-out bike, or want to save a bit of money, the other big customers for this style of paint job are custom builders. If they’re going to paint the bike anyway, they’d just as soon save a few bucks up front.

Ducati’s got the new machine on its website, but we haven’t seen North American pricing or availability yet. In the UK, Ducati prices the new Scrambler 1100 Pro Dark at £10,495, which works out to roughly $13,600 USD or $17,900 CAD. For more deets and photos, check out Ducati’s website.

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