E.P.A. filings regarding another new Ducati Streetfighter model for 2022 have turned up online, and it looks like the hyper-fast V4 and V4 S naked street bikes will soon get an “SP” family member.

According to a post on Motorcyclist.com and elsewhere around the interwebs, Ducati’s popular Streetfighter line will grow from the two models to three bikes for 2022, with new SP machines likely showing up either later this summer or in the fall, if past model year reveal patterns are any indicator.

Ducati SP-series machines date back decades, and usually denote higher performance, lighter weight, special parts, different colors, limited (often numbered) production or a combination of those upgrades, plus more money to reel one in. Currently, Ducati lists the base V4 for $19,995 and the 5lb-lighter S model for $25,195. The S version can also be had in black “Dark Stealth” along with the standard red scheme.

No price for the SP version has been specified.

While Ducati has not officially said what will differentiate the SP tier for the Streetfighter, we can speculate based on past SP variants of other Ducatis. Some bucks-up SP upgrades in the recent past have included carbon fiber wheels, higher-spec brakes, special SP livery and a few more ponies in the barn, either through different tuning, a special exhaust system or both. Here’s hoping, although the current claimed output numbers of 208hp and 90 bits of torque from the 1100 cc Desmosedici Stradale V4 power plant in the standard Streetfighter V4 and the S version are hardly inadequate. Both machines come in at under 400 pounds, says Ducati.

Again, Ducati hasn’t issued specifics for the expected Streetfighter SP, so stay tuned for updates.

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