It’s the season for teasin’, and Ducati is ready. Ahead of the traditional falltime new model release schedule, Ducati  is putting out little hints online, all pointing at a new V4 engine, almost certainly powering a new Multistrada.

Ducati’s hype campaign revolves around a set of “paradigms” it’s publishing on its website (see them here). The first paradigm is that “4 is lighter than 2.” Er, say what? Apparently, it seems Ducati is thinking about building a new V4 engine and abandoning an older L-twin design, or at least, that’s the impression. According to Ducati, this move will result in an engine that’s 1.6 kg lighter, which is hardly enough to make anyone rush down to their local financier in a drooling mess. Are you really going to notice that difference on a motorcycle that weighs more than 200 kg? It is a step in the right direction, though.

Internet scuttlebutt says the new engine makes 170 horsepower, with a displacement around 1200cc. Ducati hasn’t confirmed that, though. However, we have gotten a second teaser, which promises an engine that’s gentle, but exciting. Reading between the lines, that could imply a new variable valve timing system. Ducati already has this on existing V4 engines, and BMW’s using it on its flagship R1200 GS line as well. Variable valve timing makes engines more efficient, and makes it easier to control emissions, which is of utmost importance to manufacturers these days.

The photos accompanying the teaser show paved and offroad surfaces, indicating a new adventure bike is in the works. Indeed, spy photogs spotted such a machine earlier this year, before COVID ruined all the fun.

Expect to see more “paradigms” released in coming weeks, as Ducati continues to leverage the Internet and social media to build excitement for its new products, in the absence of a traditional show circuit. Remember, Intermot was supposed to run in early October, and then EICMA in November; the Euros normally release new bikes at these shows, but this year, both are cancelled.

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