Not too long ago, we told you about Automotive News Europe, and Reuters reports that VW was preparing to sell Ducati. But now, it seems that Ducati will remain with VW for the immediate future. However, its long-term destiny is still unclear.

It’s well known that many automobile (and motorcycle) manufacturers are preparing to develop and mass-produce electric vehicles. VW is among one of the auto manufacturers that has made it clear that it sees its future in electric mobility.

Recently, VW CEO Herbert Diess said that the sale of Ducati was a fabrication. Diess went even further by praising Ducati (and Lamborghini) for their handling of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

But now, Diess is taking his confirmation one step further. He now says that Ducati (and Lamborghini) will stay in the VW fold under the Audi umbrella. In addition, Diess seems to be saying that internal combustion engine producers will still have a place with VW. He recently announced that the iconic British luxury carmaker Bentley will move to Audi as well.

The future

So at least for the immediate future, it looks like VW has no plans to divest itself of its internal combustion engine manufacturers. But could the now-debunked rumor have an inkling of truth in it?

It looks like Ducati and Lamborghini have received a reprieve. Image credit: Lamborghini

According to Automotive News Europe, Diess did previously say that VW was bringing Ducati and Lamborghini “…into a legal structure where we could act.” So then the question becomes what Diess is referring to when he says they could act?

Is it just a coincidence that VW has put some of its “niche” non-core products are under a single Audi umbrella? Particularly in a corporate structure where it could act? Hmm…

There’s no question that ICE powered vehicle manufacturers will be under pressure to stop producing ICE-powered vehicles. But when will they be willing to dump those brands?  That’s the real question.

Do you think that VW is setting up some of its brands for elimination? Let us know in the comments below.



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