A while back, we told you about Ducati’s decision to unveil its 2020 motorcycle lineup before EICMA.  The Italian brand decided that it would reveal its 2020 bikes during World Ducati Week and that includes the V-4 Streetfighter.

Ducati Streetfighter

A picture of the Ducati V-4 Streetfighter that raced Pikes Peak. Photo Credit: Ducati

So now the teasing has begun and Ducati is giving us brief glimpses of its new V-4 powered Street Fighter.  You don’t get to see much though.  A dimly lighted front end of the machine and the shadow of fork legs is about the only glimpse of the machine you get.

But the video goes on to reveal a bunch of items that the new Streetfighter will have.  It’s a fairly long list and it goes like this:

  •  Desmosedici Stradale
  • Biplane wings
  • Panigale V4 electronic suite
  • 178 kg
  • High handlebar
  • – fairing (no fairing)
  • 208 hp @ 12,750

I don’t know but I’ve been roped in.  Even though I really haven’t seen the final machine.  Ducati has done its teasing homework and now I’m really interested.

After seeing the teaser, I can’t wait for the V-4 Streetfighter 23 October 2019 reveal at 11:30 CEST.  Good work Ducati, I’m hooked.

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