UK publication MCN recently had the opportunity to interview Ducati’s CEO, Claudio Domenicali.  MCN has quoted Domenicali as saying:

“We will release 29 new bikes over the next five years.  We will continue to develop new versions of existing products but will also be entering segments that we are not currently in. As part of that, we will exploit the V4 engine in different platforms.”

So with 29 new bikes in the pipeline over the next five years, what’s next?  What platforms does Ducati have in mind for its compact V4 Stradale engine?  200+ HP in any platform is a whole lot of horsepower.  Other than their supersport bikes, what other categories of bikes would really benefit from that much power?

Where Will Ducati Put The V-4’s?

MCN says that insiders suggest that Ducati is looking to add the V-4 engine to its touring, adventure and naked machines.  200 HP adventure, touring and naked bikes might be very impressive, but frankly is this what most people are looking for and where the industry is headed?

E-bikes In The Picture?

With many manufacturers looking at electric motorcycles, does building a 200+ HP gas powered street bike fit firmly into the future?  Apparently so according to Domenicali.  MCN quoted him as saying:

 “Electric bikes are fascinating but the technology is what it is; you cannot cheat chemicals. Right now, you remove 15kg of petrol but replace it with 150kg of battery. If there is a regulation to make electric bikes in five years, we will make it, but it will be a worse bike than we can make now.”

That’s a pretty long-legged statement.  Even if battery technology does not advance rapidly, should a company like Ducati be looking to use its capabilities to get into the e-bike segment?  5 years from now, Ducati’s competitors will have a significant leg up.

It seems like Domenicali thinks the future is horsepower and gasoline.  What do you think?

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