When it’s time to go all in on a sport bike, not much out there tops Ducati’s 200-plus horsepower winged Panigale V4 S. And for 2022, the Italian bike maker has tweaked the bike to make a bit more power, because you probably put on a few pounds watching MotoGP reruns during the pandemic.

How does 215 horsepower sound? Sounds fast, especially teamed with 90.6 pound feet of torque. That big horsepower  number arrives way up at 12,500rpm according to a Ducati press release, which also notes that first, second and sixth gear have been rethought for better corner exits, and a higher (unspecified) top speed. Ducati says their test riders shaved up to 1.2 seconds from their lap times aboard the 2021 version while looping the Vallelunga race track in Italy at speeds just seconds off the pace of the actual Ducati race bikes.

Still not fast enough? Opt for the Akropvič “track only” exhaust system and power jumps to an ethereal 228hp and almost 97 bits of twist. Helping achieve near light-speed velocities are smaller, redesigned winglets that feature “flaps” and such but perform as well as the older scoops. Additionally, Ducati says the bike is even more comfortable and maneuverable due to rethought ergos.

A six-axis IMU helps you achieve hero riding shots like these at the track. – Ducati

Naturally, every possible rider aid, ride mode, adjustment parameter, and weight saving measure has been applied to the V4 S, since it will of course be spending most of its time at the track. But you still have to get to the track, and for negotiating urban grids and laughably slow freeways, Ducati has also added a “Low Power” mode that chops output to “only” 150hp and takes the hair off the hair-trigger throttle response of the performance modes. Sounds downright civilized.

The V4 S tech list is very long indeed, including a new Öhlins NPX 25/30 electronically controlled pressurized fork with better urban riding manners and a TTX36 rear shock, both of which are highly adjustable. Check out this deep dive Ducati launch video that details all the V4’s many details and includes some great riding footage.

Price of entry? A buck short of $30,000 for the V4 S, plus a bunch more for the Akky exhaust that also returns the high-pipe profile of Ducs gone by. The surely disappointingly slow “regular”200hp-ish Panigale V4 is just $26,495. No word yet on when they will arrive in showrooms, but we’d say early next year is a good bet.




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