Ducati is recalling a small number of its Multistrada V4 motorcycles for a problem with the engine’s valve guides.  Apparently, the guides in the affected machines could wear prematurely and cause a loss of power which could potentially lead to a crash.

But perhaps most interesting about this recall is the fact that Ducati will replace the bike’s entire engine free of charge.

Valve guides

According to carandbike, there are two valve guide suppliers.  Apparently, a batch of one of the supplier’s valve guides does not meet specification requirements and may wear prematurely.  Carandbike does not name the supplier but says that there are reports that the suppliers are from Germany and Japan.  And, they say that the Japanese supplier is the one with the faulty parts.

The V4 Multistrada engine uses a new valve spring return system versus the Desmodromic valve system that Ducati has been using on many models for decades.  The spring system is one reason Ducati is able to increase the maintenance interval for the bike’s valve clearance check.  With the new system, the clearance check interval rises to 60,000 kilometers (about 37,000 miles).  With the check moving further to the right, it’s important that everything in the valve train meet spec.

Only a few bikes

About 60 bikes in the North American market (44 in the US, 13 in Mexico, and 3 in Canada) have the problem.  So the issue doesn’t have an impact on many Ducati Multistrada owners. But for those who do own an affected Multistrada, Ducati is going the extra mile to make things right.

In addition to the replacement engine, Ducati will provide additional compensation to owners.  The Italian manufacturer will provide those affected with:

  1. Two years of free routine maintenance,
  2. A free radar software upgrade (valued at $850 + labor), and
  3. A voucher for $1,500 for Ducati apparel or accessories.

Ducati is already directly contacting the owners of the affected machines.  They will work with customers on a case-by-case basis regarding the repairs to be carried out.  Ultimately, dealers will replace the engine free of charge.

Ducati says that it has notified the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration about this “recall.”  However, it has not yet appeared on NHTSA’s recall website.


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