The impact of COVID has affected most manufacturers, including those who make motorcycles.  In a LinkedIn post, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali announced that the Italian motorcycle company’s sales slipped about 10% in 2020.  Ducati’s 2020 sales totaled 48,042 bikes.

While still posting a downturn in sales, Domenicali is happy with the company’s results.  The Ducati CEO said that limiting the downturn to less than 10% proves that Ducati is resilient.  Especially since the Ducati factory could not produce bikes for a seven-week period in March and April.  And, Domenicali points out that that time period is Ducati’s peak sales season.

In other positive news, Ducati’s sales in China, Switzerland, and Germany topped 2019’s sales.  China is now Ducati’s fourth-largest market behind Germany, the U.S., and Italy.

factory employee sales

Ducati adjusted its factory processes and methods to re-start manufacturing during the pandemic.

While COVID’s impact on most manufacturers was substantial, Domenicali says that Ducati was able to react well.  He said that COVID forced Ducati to redefine working methods and processes to guarantee its employees’ safety.

Domenicali went on to say that all Ducatisti reacted really well to the changes.  And, Ducati’s dealers and suppliers gave exceptional effort to keep the factory running properly.

COVID’s impact reached into areas other than manufacturing.  With the ongoing pandemic, Ducati presented its new products in a digital format for the first time.  And Domenicali is pleased with the digital rollout’s results.  With the digital rollouts complete, Domenicali says Ducati has its best-ever customer order portfolio.

So despite the downturn in overall sales during 2020, Ducati says that it can “look to the future with enthusiasm and confidence for a positive and strong start in 2021.”


All photo credit: Ducati

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