I’ll be clear right from the start.  As I write this article, it is NOT April 1st.  And, the story I am about to tell you could be mistaken as a Dunkin’ Donuts April Fool’s joke.  But it’s not.

A Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee in Quezon City, Philippines, has opened the chain’s first dedicated bike drive-through.   Whether the two-wheeler is a bicycle, moped, scooter, or motorcycle, the lane serves only those arriving on two wheels.

The Philippines has a huge bike population.  And this drive-through setup provides service to riders wanting to stop and get some “refreshment.”  According to Rini Ernawati, the Regional Vice President of Asia Pacific at Dunkin’:

“We’re very proud to bring Dunkin’s first bike-thru lane in the world to the Philippines, giving our guests even more access and choice on their terms.  Our licensee, Golden Donuts Inc., has been a pioneer in the industry by providing innovative and relevant experiences to meet our customers’ needs. We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests and employees, and we look forward to expanding this exciting offering to even more Dunkin’ Philippines locations soon.”

If we take Mr. Ernawati at his word, more Dunkin’ drive-thrus are coming to locations in the Philippines.  But you have to wonder how all those drive-thru riders are going to carry that large hot coffee with extra cream.  Is this a place where those bikes with built-in cupholders will really excel?

I still don’t get this idea.  But apparently, many riders in the Philippines really do.  What do you think?  Would you use one?  Let us know in the comments below.

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