A Dunlop press release is announcing the company’s all-new “Mutant” tires.  Dunlop says that the tire is a “mutation of unique components that create one of the most versatile street tires Dunlop has ever produced.

Dunlop says the Mutant has an aggressive tread pattern that provides a high level of grip in both wet and dry conditions while providing high mileage.  It’s the latest addition to Dunlop’s “…premium performance line.”

According to the press release, the new tire has “jointless belt construction.  The Mutant utilizes “Apex technology.” It is a special sidewall treatment that Dunlop says increases braking and cornering stability.  Dunlop’s exclusive MT Multi-Tread™ technology combines high mileage with “plenty of sidegrip.” The combination provides “nimble handling, a compliant ride, high mileage, and lays down a big footprint for extra grip.”

Dunlop’s Mutant tire fits a wide range of machines.

Dunlop says that the MT Multi-tread rear tire helps the Mutant provide additional mileage compared to single compound tires.  As a result, Dunlop claims that it is ideal for touring and commuting.  And, the “high-grip lateral compounds” on each shoulder give the Mutant “full sport tire capabilities.”

For wet conditions, the tire uses a high silica compound to increase grip in wet conditions.  Also, Dunlop claims that the tire’s deep tread channels off water “like nothing short of Dunlop’s racing rain tires.”

The Dunlop Mutant is available in a wide variety of sizes.  Dunlop says that the product range will fit more than 250 different motorcycle models.

All photo credit: Dunlop

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