Need some pot for your panniers?  Perhaps a spliff for your saddlebag?  How about a toke for your tank bag?    Do cannabis products made specifically for motorcyclists sound absurd?  Apparently not.  It seems that the “motorcycle lifestyle brand” Easyriders, in conjunction with Hollister Cannabis Company (Hollister), has come together to create “high-quality cannabis products that embody the independent spirit and attitude of the modern biker.”

Really?  Yes, really.  Easyriders and Hollister are now directly targeting California motorcyclists for cannabis products.

Easyrider cannabis “Hits the road this month…”

Easyriders says that the collaboration officially “hits the road this month with premium pre-roll packs in silver or black collectible tins featuring the iconic Easyriders logo.”

Interestingly, the company’s press release says:

“Each pack contains 10 .2-gram pre-rolls designed for quick, socially discreet ways to medicate, microdose and elevate on the go or when sharing with friends.”

“The silver tin features pre-rolls made with an artisan Sherbert strain (Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties genetics), while the pre-rolls in the black tin feature lush Ice Cream Cake flower (Wedding Cake x Gelato #33 genetics). Both are terpene-rich, indica-dominant hybrids that may promote stress release, physical relaxation and uplifting moods.”

So apparently, Easyriders and Hollister think that it’s appropriate to medicate yourself and your friends while on the go.  Interesting.

Let’s leave out the fact that cannabis use is not legal in some states.  In fact, let’s just say that it is 100 percent legal across the USA.  And let’s stipulate that cannabis use has no ill health side effects.  Finally, let’s say that cannabis is simply another form of intoxicant similar to alcohol.

Motorcyclists as the target market

However, does it make sense for a company to target and market an intoxicating substance to persons who operate motor vehicles?  Especially given the fact that motorcyclists are highly vulnerable road users?   There are no airbags, no seat belts, or metal cages to protect riders.  Could cannabis intoxication, like alcohol, cost riders their lives and perhaps endanger the public?

The two company’s press release specifically says that their product is designed to discreetly medicate and elevate “on the go.”   Why do they say that their products can be used discreetly, or even worse, while “on the go.”  Why do you think they use those words?

Also, are the words medicate and elevate appropriate for motorcyclists “on the go?”

Is it acceptable for a company to market alcohol or any other drug for use discreetly “while on the go”?   Do you think this type of marketing is appropriate?  Should any intoxicating substance be target marketed to motorcyclists for profit?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Editor’s note: I thought this was an April Fools when I read it, but it is not.

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