Want to go on a moto camping trip, but you don’t want to commit to buying hundreds or thousands of dollars in equipment? Apparel and equipment retailer Eddie Bauer has your back, with a new outdoor gear rental service.

These days, it’s easy to dismiss Eddie Bauer as just another hawker of mall clothes, aimed at the dad-bodded buyer who wants that outdoorsy look. That wouldn’t be quite fair. It’s true the brand’s stores often right across the concourse from Old Navy and American Eagle, and a lot of the products are typical outlet fare, not the rugged hunting-fishing-camping-climbing-expedition gear that Eddie Bauer originally built his namesake company’s reputation on. It’s following the LL Bean/Cabela’s formula.

However, it’s also true that the modern-day Eddie Bauer chain (like LL Bean or Cabela’s) does still sell a lot of useful general-purpose outdoors equipment, including tents and sleeping bags. Now, the company’s started a gear rental service that allows you to access a wide range of equipment, for a daily fee.

You can see Eddie Bauer’s full rental line here; for now, it’s only available in the 48 continental US states, and for now, the prices include free shipping.

Some of the rental items and prices are kinda silly. Want to rent an LED flashlight for $1 a day? Or someone’s “Adventure Flex Pull-On Shorts”? Me neither.

On the other hand, you can get a “Sleep Under the Stars – Camping Set for Two” rental for $32 a night, including a tent, two sleeping bags and camp chairs, cooler, and a pop-up 250-lumen lantern. That’s almost enough for a weekend of camping (Wot, no camp stove? No sleeping pads? Gonna be a hungry, lumpy sleep …).

For most ADVers, this is irrelevant news, maybe even silly, because we’ve built up a collection of gear that works for us. But, if there’s one thing true of ADV life, it’s this: One Size Does Not Fit All. This could be a deal that works for a fly-and-rental-ide, instead of hauling your camping gear across the country. Or maybe you want to try camping without committing too much financially. Or maybe you don’t have the space in your micro-condo to store a bunch of camping gear.

Eddie Bauer has more details (cleaning, returns) on the rental program here.

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