We’ve already told you about Volcon and their big tire Grunt electric motorcycle.  Now it seems that Volcon is making electric motorcycles for your kids as well.  Volcon is announcing the Runt, a kid-size, kid-friendly version of the Grunt.  And while kid-friendly bikes are not new, the Runt has some very interesting features that are.

As you can imagine, the Runt is a smaller version of the Grunt.  According to Volcon, the Runt is an all-electric two-wheeled mini bike capable of tackling off-road terrain.   Volcon says that the little bike has a 35 MPH max speed and the bike’s motor provides 44 lb-ft of torque (60 nm) and a claimed max range of 35 miles.  The bike weighs in at 180 pounds and has a seat height of 27 inches.   There are also accessory seats and handlebars that allow the bike to “grow” with the child.  The batteries are swappable and charge from an ordinary 110-volt household outlet in two hours.

Runt specs

The bike’s specs look pretty good.

Parental controls

Putting the Runt’s physical dimensions and specs aside, the mini-bike has some very thoughtful controls for parents.  It has three ride modes that will allow parents to tailor the moto’s output to their kid’s riding ability.  While ride modes aren’t new, the Volcon Runt has some additional features that give parents the ability to control the bike’s use.

The Runt has app-driven geo-fencing controls that let parents control where the bike operates.  It also offers remote monitoring, performance limiters, and tip over notifications.  Together, these controls can give parents additional peace of mind when their kids are riding.


The Volcon Runt electric min-bike.

Volcon’s CEO Andrew Leisner says:

“With the addition of the Runt, the entire family can experience off-road powersports adventures through Volcon’s two and four-wheeled models.  The no-clutch, single-speed, electric powertrain is easier for young riders to learn and the new app-based controls will give parents the ability to monitor their children and regulate the power of the motorcycle. The Runt paired with our Grunt will bring new families into the freedom and fun that off-road powersports provides.”

The Runt is available for pre-order now on Volcon’s website for $2,995 and deliveries will begin in the summer of 2021.

From my perspective, if Volcon can live up to its claims, the Runt could be a game-changer in bringing electric motorcycles to a younger generation.


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