Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica has the right response to supply chain issues caused by COVID-19. Instead of complaining about the problems, Energica simply moved its production line towards a newer, much better, motor.

When supplies started running low for its previous motor, Energica announced it was sourcing a new motor from Mavel, called the ECME (Energica Mavel Co-Engineering). Originally, this motor wasn’t supposed to appear in the lineup until 2022.

The new ECME motor has makes 126 kW (169 horsepower) at 8,500 rpmā€”that’s a 25 horsepower gain over the previous motor. Max torque is now 159 pound-feet. Top speed is supposed to be 125 mph.

Another positive aspect of the new motor: It’s lighter than the previous powerplant, by around 22 pounds. That’s a decent weight loss, and all the more important when you consider weight is one of the biggest problems faced by electric motorcycles, along with battery range, recharge times, and expense.

However, Energica is also working on those issues as well, as we’ve told you in previous months. Energica’s bigwigs claim that 15 percent charging to 85 percent capacity is not far off. If that’s true, then electric motorcycles will become much more practical as all-round travel and transportation hacks, instead of basically being restricted to close-to-home rides.

Energica’s bikes tend to have pretty decent range anyway, pretty close to what you’d get on most gasoline-powered motorcycles (say, 150 miles). The company has also tinkered with the onboard electronics to make the 2021 models faster than the previous year’s bikes.

The new ECME motor is going into Energica’s current line, and is now available in the US market. Find more deets at Energica’s US website.

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