We recently told you about Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica and its strong early 2020 pre-sales.  At that time, we told you that Energica’s order book was at about $1.5M (€1.4M/£1.2M).  That amount is over 40% of Energica‘s total 2019 sales.  Impressive.

Energica sells big

But even more impressive is the company’s sales nearing the end of February.  Energica is announcing that it now has as many orders as it had in all of 2019.  That, and the company still has 10 more months of sales remaining!


Energica EVA Ribelle

The Energica EVA Ribelle+ is the company’s streetfighter offering.

To keep up with demand, Energica CEO Livia Cevolini had this to say:

“In order to satisfy the customer requests and shorten delivery times – which are now expected within the end of April 2020 – we are increasing our internal production capacity also thanks the strong support from our network of partners.

“Unlike some years ago, our sector is finally ready to get a centre role inside the whole electric automotive world, in which we brought a “Made in Italy” product with top-tier performance and elegant design.

“Our commitment to innovation never stops; as single manufacturer of the MotoE World Cup we will continue to implement the improvements coming from our racing experience on every road-going model.”

Potential advantages

Some of Energica’s strong sales may be attributable to its battery.  Its Energica EGO+, Energica EVA Ribelle+, and EVA  EsseEsse9+ house a 21.5kW battery.  That’s much larger than the batteries in bikes like the Zero SR/F (14.4 kW) or Harley-Davidson LiveWire (15.5 kW).

Energica EVA EsseEsse9+

Energica says the EVA EsseEsse9+ is the Italian firm’s “classically refined version of its EVA streetfighter”.

With Energica’s “oversized” (compared to the competition) battery, Energica claims a range of up to 249 miles in the city.  While they’re at it, they also claim that their bikes deliver 159 lb-ft of torque and are quicker than the competition’s machines.

So if both those claims are true, you have to admit that they can be a powerful incentive.  More range and more speed are often a successful recipe for motorcycles sales.  And, if its early 2020 sales are any indication, it appears that Energica’s recipe is very tasty.


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