It seems electric motorcycles are here to stay.  Energica Motor Company S.p.A is another electric motorcycle manufacturer taking steps to bring electric motorcycles to the USA.

More expansion

The EVA. All photos credited: Energica

Back in January, we told you about Energica expanding its dealership reach in the northeast USA.  Now, Energica have entered into a commercial agreement with CYCLEMAX to distribute Energica bikes in the Mid-Atlantic region.

CYCLEMAX is located in the metro DC area, an area which is one of the USA’s strongest for electric vehicles.  According to Plug-In America, the DC area is one of the strongest for electric vehicle (EV) sales.  With over 20,000 EV operating in Maryland and Virginia, the area has seen EV growth rates of 48% and 36% respectively.  In addition, Virginia is planning for increased EV usage and have committed to increasing the number of charging stations from 1,500 to 5,000 by 2025.

The Ego.

Key market

Energica sees this agreement as a key way to market its electric motorcycles.  They see the Mid-Atlantic region as a part of the US that has thoroughly adopted EVs.

Stefan Benatti, the CEO of Energica Motor Company, Inc. said:

We know that riders have exactly the same concern that drivers do about range and the placement of charging stations. In fact, this is the #1 barrier to EV purchase by consumers. Since our bikes will travel for more than 100 miles on a single charge, the challenge is the number of places to charge: especially DC Fast Chargers that Energica alone of all electric motorcycles is currently able to use.  The massive build-out of charging stations planned for the mid-Atlantic region is a very encouraging development for our future sales.”

Commitment to electric motorcycles

Energica says that CYCLEMAX is well positioned to take advantage of the growing EV marketplace.  The company has sold the Energica products since 2015 and is among the biggest sellers of electric motorcycles on the east coast of the USA.

Donald Figliozzi, CYCLEMAX’s owner is a true believer in electric motorcycles.

What I love about electric isn’t just the ecological benefit of zero emissions.
It’s the amazing acceleration and absolutely linear torque. And with Energica I’m now able to introduce a high performance electric motorcycle that every motorcycle enthusiast needs to experience.”

Whatever you may think about electric motorcycles, the move is clearly on from all over the world to make electric motorcycles an everyday riding experience.

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