According to a press release, electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica says their sales are booming.  Especially in the U.S.

One of the driving forces behind Energica’s significant sales growth may be a new model line that carries a battery with over 40 percent more battery capacity than most of the competition.  Energica claims range for its Ego+, Eva Ribelle, and Eva Esse Esse9+ are higher than their competition.    They say these bikes have the following ranges: City: 249 miles (400 km), Mixed: 143 miles (230 km), Highway: 112 miles (180 km).

U.S. sales double

And it may be that this lineup has given the company a jumpstart in 2020.  Nearing the end of February, the company already had as many orders as it had in all of 2019.  And now, Energica’s U.S. subsidiary CEO Stefano Benatti says:

“Thanks to enormous consumer demand for the new Energica MY2020, U.S. retail sales are likely to almost double in 2020 versus the previous year.”

To keep up with demand, Energica is concentrating on its dealer network and dealer financing.  Energica now has over 70 dealers worldwide.

Energica EVA Rebelle

The EVA Rebelle.

Energica Esse Esse9

The Esse Esse9.

Energica logo

The EVA Rebelle, Energica Esse Esse9, and the Energica Ego are the three models significantly increasing Energica’s sales.

More impressive is that half of those new dealers have come on in the last 12 months.  And, Energica says that it is currently planning a major expansion in the U.S. market to expand the number of U.S. dealer locations in time for the 2021 spring riding season.

Dealer Financing

Also, the electric motorcycle manufacturer has entered into an agreement with Westlake Financial Services that Energica says:

“…will give U.S. Energica dealers the opportunity to purchase more motorcycles thanks to an innovative financing method, therefore allowing them to display and demo product in dealer showrooms for longer periods and in larger volume, optimizing their working capital management.”

In talking about the new agreement with Westlake, Benatti said:

“It’s become clear that our further expansion can best be supported with this kind of financial instrument, provided by so prominent a financial institution as Westlake Financial with over 50,000 automotive and motorcycle dealerships throughout the United States and over $3.0 billion in managed assets.”

Optimistic outlook

It appears that Energica is highly optimistic about its future.  And they are taking steps to ensure that they can meet demand and provide appropriate dealer support.  It will be interesting to see how well they fare in the U.S. and worldwide during 2021.






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