Energica Motor Company has announced that it has partnered with Italian firm Dell’Orto.  The deal calls for the development and production of a new type of power unit for small (8/11 kW) and medium-sized (up to 30 kW) electric vehicles (EV).  Their goal is to “offer technologically advanced solutions to the major manufacturers operating in the two-wheeled market”.

What Energica and Dell’Orto bring

Energica brings its unique know-how in electric motorization.  Dell’Orto will add its injection system design skills.  In addition, Dell’Orto will provide its production and commercial reach in Europe, China, and India.

It’s unclear how Dell’Orto’s design skills in injection systems are applicable to this partnership.  But what is clear is that Dell’Orto certainly brings significant production capabilities and commercial reach to the deal.  With the growth of electric vehicles and growing emission regulation, it makes sense for Dell’Orto to find ways to keep itself relevant.

Dell’Orto has excellent production and manufacturing reach. Image credit: Dell’Orto

Joint development

Ultimately, the goal of the agreement is to commence joint development of an “innovative system” based on the know-how of both companies.  Once the “innovative system” is brought to production and market, the companies will utilize a 50/50 revenue sharing model.

Both Energica and Dell’Orto play roles in the current FIM Enel MotoE World Cup series.  Perhaps their work in that series is what jump-started the agreement.

Livia Cevolini, CEO of Energica Motor Company had this to say about the deal:

Thanks to the know-how acquired and recognized internationally, Energica aims to start the development of this motorization, expanding our offer with a large volumes segment with high potential growth in the world. Our teams are already working on new solutions to meet the new market demands”

Dell’Orto CTO Davide Dell’Orto went on to say:

This challenge well represents the continuous will of Dell’Orto to innovate not only in its core sector of internal combustion engines, but also in the field of urban sustainable mobility that we consider to be one of the fastest growing sectors for the future electric traction.

The end result

Dell’Orto’s statement is likely what’s driving this partnership.  The small and medium EV segment is expected to grow significantly in the upcoming years.  The small and medium-size EV market has experienced significant growth recently.  In the first quarter of 2019, this market grew at a rate of 79%.  So it looks like these two companies want to be first to the EV power systems coming bubble.

Featured photo credit: Energica Motors

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