Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica is still proving itself in the motorcycle industry.  It claims some of the longest ranges and highest speeds for electric production motorcycles.  But apparently, Energica wants to do more.  They are now teaming with an Italian startup called Sealence.


Energica is now expanding its scope.

The two companies plan to work together on a new medium-size seagoing vessel propulsion platform which they call DeepSpeed.  And if successful and scalable, the partnership could change the way ocean travel is done.

The team aims to develop and manufacture an electric powertrain in the form of a solar/hydrogen/electric jet system.  The design hopes to make long-distance water travel without the need to refuel possible.

Sealence system uses multiple power sources

The joint design suggests that the electric jet propulsion system will draw its power from batteries, stored hydrogen fuel cells or, a diesel generator.  The idea being, fuel up any way you can, but use the most efficient and clean means to arrive at your destination.

sealence energica

A hybrid system that can use electric, hydrogen, or diesel will power Sealence’s DeepSpeed project.

William Gobbo, CEO of Sealence s.r.l. is heaping praise on Energica’s expertise.

“Energica represents excellence in electric mobility.  Over the years they have been able to build a business capable of competing at the highest levels, on a global scale. I know how difficult it is to launch similar entrepreneurial initiatives in Italy, but despite these difficulties it is clear that Energica is now emerging in the sector as a key point of reference. We are therefore honored by this collaboration.”

Energica’s partnership shows that another electric motorcycle manufacturer’s expertise is an important part of future mobility.  For the time being, the partnership is not likely on the scale of Zero’s partnership with  Polaris.  But it another case of an electric motorcycle manufacturer using its expertise to enhance mobility.

Sealence has also started a crowdfunding page that has already exceeded its funding goal by nearly 800 percent with €2.3M ($2.8M) already raised.


Image credit: Sealence – DeepSpeed




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