Do you ever look in the Vendors section of the Forum?

We have some amazingly innovative inmates who see a gap in the market and put all their efforts and usually a chunk of money into starting a new business with product/s they think fellow inmates would also like.

EngDuro is short for Engineered Enduro Equipment Inc. A small shop in Calgary, AB Canada that will shake things up with some new tools and products for the ADV and Enduro motorcycling world.

They approached me via the forum and asked if I would look at a new product they were developing and let them know what I thought, intrigued, of course, I said yes.

The initial conversation went like this: “We like to call it a 75% tool, when quick fixes are needed but the big heavy tool roll isn’t, maybe a 10mm fastener needs snugging down because you tweaked your fork alignment from a drop, or an oil clamp and line were rotated in a get off and need to be put back in place.

I love the honesty, which I’m sure more than a few can sympathize with –

“I’m an Engineer with a creative side.  I have a good job that is unfulfilling, which is not unique, but it motivates me to come up with new ideas in my shop.”

Based on that they got together to create a tool for riders to carry, one tool turned into three variations, and as the business owners are inmates, they want to offer it to inmates first, with a great discount!

They sat down and hatched a business plan –

“We went all in and we formed a company and put a business plan together.  We’re 100% self-funded and plan to keep it that way.  This is for fun after all, but we hope we can actually make a little money so we can develop new products and continue the fun.”


Tool design criteria: 

The entire idea is that it’s a very handy tool that’s readily accessible in a pocket or in your tank bag. It’s not meant to replace your real tool kit, it’s meant to be handy. 

  • Lightweight – manufactured from aluminum
  • Durable – FEA ​(Finite Element Analysis) and empirical testing shows that it’s durable for intended fasteners​, designed to handle 6mm and smaller fasteners (10 mm nut/head)
  • Feels good in the hand – rounded profiles and chamfers have been tuned to what feels “right”
  • Easy to get in and out of a pocket – the smooth edges and right angle drives shroud the driver bits so they don’t get hooked
  • Able to reach into multiple areas – extensions and right angle drive allow easy access to most fasteners
  • Durable enough for intended fasteners – CNC machined from 7075 – T6 aluminum
  • High-quality look and feel – tools are coated with Cerakote​, an oven-cured ceramic​-polymer coating.  2 lb magnets hold tools securely and they have a satisfying click when seated.

  • Options – some people like super minimalist while others like a more comprehensive tool, hence the 3 models below


Goat Track: $55 USD including shipping and 6,8 and 10 mm nut setters

  • the minimalist version holds 8 bits and pretty much disappears in any pocket
  • 4 ¾” x 1 ¾” x ½”
  • 2.2 oz without bits, ~4.4 oz with bits, depending on bit selection for your ride


Single Track: $65 USD including shipping and 6,8 and 10 mm nut setters

  • compact but full-featured with storage for 7 bits as well as a 3” extension
  • 4 ¾” x 2 1/8” x ½”
  • 3.8 oz with extension, ~6.0 oz  with bits, depending on bit selection for your ride


Double Track: $75 USD including shipping and 6,8 and 10 mm nut setters

  • the largest of the tools with storage for 13 hex bits as well as a 2” extension which stores in the T-handle.


There is also an option to buy a ‘Bag o’ Bits’: $10 includes T30, T40, 3, 4, 5, and 6 mm Allen, #2 Phillips, flat.


Design and use:

Each tool has two drive options, right angle drive or screwdriver, depending on what you need to tackle.  

I really like the feel when using it as a screwdriver.  The right-angle drive sits in your palm and allows you to apply much more torque than a screwdriver; it feels more like a T-handle. 

…put a bit in the right-angle drive to break a bolt loose, then quickly swap it to the screwdriver drive to spin it out quickly.  Really slick.



 The tools that were sent to me that you see in these images are prototype tools.  EngDuro told me the production models have some slight revisions, such as the tool holders are now cylindrical vs the hex as this allows easier tool removal and replacement.

All tools are currently in production, and the shipping date is expected from May 15th  onwards.

The website will go live Friday May 14th, 2021, for pre-orders, and full 10% discount code is good for 30 days

Inmates will have a discount of 10% off for the pre-order duration, 5% after that, using the code – FYYFF


Initially, the Single Track @ $65 USD including shipping and 6,8 and 10 mm nut setters will be the first release but preorders can be placed for the other two tools from May 14th onwards


There will be an obvious comparison of another commonly used ‘trail tool’, I dropped them side by side on the scales and the EngDuro tool weighs in, 55% lighter with the same tool combination, and feels a lot better in the hand when using it in various configurations.

Join me in welcoming these inmates to the exciting world of product manufacturing and sales, I wish them well on their journey as they develop new and exciting products, and everything they make is this quality they will become a household name in no time…EngDuro

Vendor Thread – coming soon for all your questions and more details as they develop

Website –

Instagram – @engduro

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