It is said that a phoenix rises from the ashes after death.  Apparently, you can add Erik Buell Racing (EBR) to the list of those that can and continue to rise from the ashes.  EBR has actually risen several times since its founding in November 2009.

Unfortunately, EBR has risen and fallen multiple times.  During those times, EBR has done its best to provide parts and support to dealers and customers of existing bikes.  Now under the ownership of Bill Melvin, EBR intends to start building complete bikes again.

Melvin said:

“We are going to keep the iconic brand in production with specialized and performance builds. The approach is to keep it boutique and high performance-driven, ala Bugatti, Koenigsegg, or Lotus.”

EBR will first bring a variant of Erik Buell’s 1190 RR back to production.  It was a very unique machine with features like in frame fuel storage, and a huge front brake rotor placed along the perimeter of the wheel.

The new bike will be called the 1190 RX.  Melvin claims it will continue to have the fuel in frame feature as well as the perimeter-mounted front brake rotor and an 8 piston caliper.  The 1190 cc fuel injected engine is hand built and provides a claimed 185 HP.

EBR’s business plan is to produce boutique motorcycles.   With production limited to small numbers, it’s difficult to envision EBR growing beyond its boutique brand intent.  Since boutique machines cater to the very wealthy, one has to wonder if Melvin can keep EBR alive selling to a niche within a niche.  In its latest iteration, Bill Melvin’s EBR hopes that it can once again rise from the ashes.


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