German scootermaker Kumpan has unveiled two brand-new electric step-throughs, launching a new line of battery-powered scooters combining classic style and modern powertrains.

Kumpan might not be a household name in North America, but it’s been making electric scooters for the Euro market for a while now. As it recovers from the coronavirus lockdown, and also a recent factory fire, it’s launching its new 54i line of scooters, an evolution of the previous 54 Ri line.

Eventually, we should see a full lineup of machines, including larger step-throughs, but Kumpan has only announced two scooters in the 54i line for now. First, there’s the Kumpan 54 Inspire, aimed at basic commuting duty, and looking an awful lot like a mid-century European design. This scooter has a single, swappable battery (easy to trade for a spare battery, instead of waiting for a recharger), a 3 kW-rated motor and 62 km range. Top speed is around 70 km/h. MSRP is 3,999 euros.

If you want a bit more zip, there’s also the 54 Iconic. This electric scooter has a 5 kW-rated motor, with three batteries, supposedly good for 185-km range and a top speed of 100 km/h. This scooter sells for 4,999 euros, which doesn’t sound bad when you consider its considerably higher performance over the Inspire model.

Both models have LED turn signals, a 7-inch touchscreen speedo (same as the previous Ri scooters) and 12-inch wheels. LED headlights are optional. Under German law, they do require registration, but you can ride them with a car licence, as long as it meets the proper endorsements. Obviously, this may be different in other countries.


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