According to a report in a German moto publication, the European Union is considering implementing a requirement for all motorcycles and scooters to have regular safety inspections, regardless of their capabilities. Motorrad Online reports the European Parliament will debate the law changes in an upcoming session.

Currently, the EU’s member states all have their own separate requirements for motorcycle and scooter inspections. Depending what jurisdiction you’re in, small-displacement motorcycles and scooters may not have have the same inspection requirements, or perhaps none at all. We see a similar situation in North America, where US states and Canadian provinces all have different inspection requirements for motorcycles and scooters.

However, the EU being the EU, bureaucrats have decided to abandon this half-hearted laissez-faire approach, and require all powered two-wheelers, even 49 cc scooters and motorcycles under 125 cc. However, politics being politics, there has to be some back-and-forth about this, reports have to be written, consultants have to be paid off, committees have to sit—you know the drill. This will likely take months, maybe years.

There’s another deadline that’s much closer. Motorrad says that starting January 1, 2022, all motorcycles 125 cc and larger will require regular safety inspections, so small-cc bikes that have previously flown under the radar will get slapped with new rules. Motorrad says Euro rider rights representatives are not happy with it, saying the new rule was based on bad science. The Committee for Transport and Tourism is calling for the changes for more safety inspections, but supposedly that demand is based on a study conducted by technical testing companies and other parties with a vested interest in requiring safety inspections—they’ll make more money off the increased regulations. For more details, visit Motorrad’s website.

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