If riding the old continent has always been your dream but the cost is holding you back, here’s how you can travel Europe on a budget and still enjoy it. It’s all about traveling slow, picking a region you want to explore the most, and sticking to the cheaper countries.

Slow Travel

This applies to anywhere in the world. The slower you travel, the less you spend. The fewer miles you do, the more you save on fuel and potentially bike repairs. If you book two-three or more nights at a hotel or Airbnb, you’re more likely to get a better deal. When you travel slowly, you also have more time and energy to prepare your own food and discover local, cheaper eateries instead of splurging on more expensive restaurants just because you’re tired, hungry, and in a hurry.

Zooming In

Instead of trying to ride from Nordkapp to Gibraltar and Lisbon to Bucharest and see everything, pick a region that intrigues you the most and thoroughly explore it. It can be Portugal, Spain and France, or the Balkans, or Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Just choose one region and have fun riding the local roads and meeting local people instead of rushing past on highways just to cover the miles.

Amalfi vs Adriatic

Stelvio Pass, the Swiss Alps, the Amalfi Coast – all of these are bucket list items for many riders, but the reality is, while these places are amazing, Europe has plenty of hidden gems that are just as stunning – and much cheaper. The Adriatic route via Croatia and Montengro is just as beautiful as the Amalfi, but cheaper. The Transfagarasan Pass in Romania is as spectacular as Stelvio, but less packed with tourists and more economical. The beaches and off-road riding in Albania is just as good as in Greece, but for much less.

For more tips on how to ride Europe on a budget, see this post.


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