Evoke Electric Motorcycles has had to suspend production due to impact of the coronavirus on its Chinese supply chain and production facility.

Evoke CEO Nathan Siy made the announcement in a statement posted to Facebook earlier this week. The move follows similar actions from other manufacturers. Most notably, Honda has had to suspend operations at two major motorcycle factories, which combine for production capacity of 850,000 bikes a year. In the auto world, Honda’s also closed factories, as well as Peugeot, Toyota and Ford, and no doubt others in recent days.

Evoke isn’t anywhere near as big as those outfits, but its production is nevertheless impacted. According to its statement, its production facility in Wuxi and its offices in Beijing are both affected by the coronavirus scare. While the Lunar New Year celebrations were expected to end on January 30, the holidays have been extended as a sort of quarantine measure, reducing in-country travel. As a result, not only are companies unable to restart their own production, they’re also unable to source parts from external suppliers.

But, the crew at Evoke has at least been able to keep busy. With urban streets uncharacteristically empty, Evoke says Beijing-based employees have been able to do road testing on the Evoke 6061 electric bike without interference. Management expects it will be business as usual once travel opens up mid-month. More details in the statement below:

To all of Evoke’s customers, supporters, friends and family:

With the recent global outbreak of the Novel #Coronavirus, production orders on 2020 Evoke Urban Classics and Evoke Urban S’ will be delayed. We apologize for the impact on your retail and distribution business and are doing our best to get production back up to 100% as soon as possible.

With a strong supply chain in China, made up for high quality motorcycle component suppliers, raw lithium cell suppliers, and power electronic component suppliers, many of them have been experiencing an extended Chinese New Year holiday until the 15th of February to help self-quarantine the outbreak from spreading. While the normal CNY holiday was set to conclude on the 30th of January, this puts our suppliers and production team back by at least 15 days from normal. We appreciate your patience due to the outbreak and know we are working hard to get back to normal production times.

On the upside, the self-quarantine has left the streets of Beijing empty, allow some of our team members left in Beijing to do ample road testing on the new Evoke 6061. No pedestrians wandering the roads or cars driving around giving us free reign on the streets to road test safely. Additionally, our software development team has taken the self-quarantine time to crack down on some code updates as we finalize development of our Evoke ECU Gen 2, which will mate with our Gen 2 ultra-fast charging battery packs for maximum control. Upgrading the entire hardware on ECU Gen 2 has allowed us greater thermal control, faster processing and more intricate algorithms for a better electric motorcycle experience and faster & safer charging.

Finally, the Evoke team has been distributed in and out of China, but all are marked safe and healthy. When travel starts opening up again, the Beijing office and Wuxi production site will be back at 100%.

Thank you for your continued support of the Evoke brand and on-going business and we look forward to riding out the bump in production and get back to producing and developing the fastest charging electric motorcycles, bar none.

See you on the streets,

Nathan Siy
Evoke Electric Motorcycles

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