Hints of new Triumph adventure bikes have been out there for a while, but the EICMA show has come and gone, with no sign of these machines. What’s up? Will the new machines be ready for 2020?

Judging from a few separate pieces on information, we’d say the answer is “Yes,” although we can’t say if you’ll be able to get the bike you want at the start of the season.

As the video above clearly shows, Triumph is indeed working at least two new machines, maybe more. The Tiger 900 Rally is almost surely a replacement for the current 800 line (which hasn’t appeared in 2020 pricing documents), most likely the offroad-oriented XCa model. The GT is probably a replacement for the street-oriented Tiger models.

The video above doesn’t give us much to go on, but it does show Triumph isn’t just canning its adventure line. It also shows Triumph is feeling the pressure to keep up with ever-improving competition from the Euro competition, and it’s likely the jump in displacement also is partially caused by increasing pollution regs, which seem to result in engines growing in size to keep putting out decent power while being strangled by emissions-reducing design.

Why weren’t these bikes at EICMA? It’s likely they just weren’t ready, but it’s also true the show is losing some relevance, as social media and the Internet in general allows manufacturers to efficiently and cheaply share their message with the world.

The fact that they haven’t been fully revealed does cast some doubt on the probability the new models will be ready for early 2020 season, though. Not only is there manufacturing time to think about, but also DOT and environmental certification, and shipping times.

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