After an exhaust, skid plate and hand guards, a larger fuel tank is one of the most common modifications seen on dual sport motorcycles. Now, IMS has launched a set of auxiliary tanks for the Husqvarna 701 Enduro.

The Husqvarna 701 Enduro may be an industry-leading motorcycle, one of the most technologically advanced thumpers in the world, but its edgy design does not lend the bike to aftermarket fuel tank swaps. The fuel cell is actually towards the rear of the bike, not the area where the gas tank is on most motorcycles. Plus, the flowing lines of the design make it harder to jam a big old gas tank on there. And of course, the whole point of the 701 is that it’s a relatively svelte machine for a 650-class bike, not a KLR650 lumbering monstrosity with massive oversized gas tank so you can ride 300 miles between stops.

However, some people will always want to extend range, and for those riders, IMS hasn’t created an all-new fuel tank, but instead put together a set of auxiliary tanks for the Husqvarna.

The two auxiliary tanks add up to 2.5 gallons in extra fuel, on top of the bike’s existing 3.5 gallon tank, giving you 6 gallons of fuel in total. That should work out to around 300 miles of range, IMS reckons.

The tanks mount forward, in roughly the same area that the rad shrouds sit on. They’re supposed to be quite slim, for easy offroading.

IMS isn’t the first company to build extra fuel capacity for the 701, but previous offerings were generally based overseas, and more of a hassle to get in the US market.

MSRP for the IMS auxiliary tank system is $625, and it’s available in either black or natural coloring. For more deets, including installation instructions, check out the IMS website.

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