LC4 Valve Inspection 2015-07-21

How To Inspect The Valves On A KTM LC4 In 3 Steps (930 KB PDF)

  1. Mossy_Crk
    How to inspect the valves on a KTM LC4... In three easy steps.

    Having recently been asked, by both absolute beginners as well as skilled individuals, the process for inspecting/adjusting the valves on the LC4 engine; I decided to write this guide.

    As an ex motorcycle technical writer and instructor, I take great satisfaction in someone performing a complicated task, successfully and for the first time, with nothing more than my written instructions... and maybe the occasional poke in the ribs.

    I have written the steps to this process individually several times, but have never put it all together in one bite, until now. This has been written for someone that has fair to good mechanical aptitude. If you’re reading this with intent... and you’ve never spun a wrench, you are a brave soul.

    If you can take your bike apart and put it back together... and it still runs, you may find this mildly entertaining, but by no means, new information.

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  1. chris1576
    Version: 2015-07-21
    clear and straightforward