Squeeking Starter Repair 2015-07-21

Does your BMW have a Squeeking Starter? (536 KB PDF)

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    Squeaking starter

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    If you have a BMW R1150 and hear a squeaking noise a second
    or two after the engine has started, you might have a Squeaking Starter. Fixing it is relatively simple. In many cases you will need a puller (a tool) to assemble your bike afterwards. A detailed description of the puller is offered. However, you might not need it. No other special tools are needed.

    Procedure will take about two hours in the worst case.

    Version 2007-11-30

    Please notice that this guide has been written by a professor in computer science with no formal training in mechanics. It describes a procedure he applied on his own bike, one fine Friday afternoon, in Tuscany, after a decent lunch. It is offered here solely for entertainment purposes. As this guide includes forward-looking statements such as “believe,” “estimate,” “anticipate,” “plan,” “predict,” “may,” “hope,” “can,” “will,” “should,”“expect,” “intend,” “is designed to,” “with the intent,” “potential,” the negative of these words and such other variations thereon, and also comparable terminology, you are advised to obtain legal council before basing anyactions or decisions on this guide.
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