Tire Changing

Neduro's thread that covers tire changing with pictures

  1. Mossy_Crk
    Neduro's Tire Changing Class

    I debated on where to put this, and decided on Thumpers as we probably change our tires the most in here. Maybe it belongs in "The perfect line" but I've never been in there, and it seems to compliment...
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Recent Reviews

  1. Back2Dirt
    Plenty of pictures and Good descriptions about sequence.
  2. MirthfulThylacinator
    Great help. Gives me confidence to try myself on the old GS I just bought
  3. tmgrdon
  4. Laxler
    Easy read with exact instructions
  5. jonmbakermd
    I have changed a lot of tires. Some are easy and some are very painful. Reason to do it yourself is so that when you are in the middle of nowhere you can make it home. If I did it like this every time I might have less bleeding knuckles. I'm a surgeon so when I go to work on Monday they call always tell when I've been changing tires on my weekend off.
  6. Kung Fury
    Kung Fury
    Great info, thanks! I just put a new TKC 80 on the front of my F800GS, couple of weird things, no rim lock, the valve stem has two nuts, one on the inside of the rim and one on the outside of the rim. I used soap and water, well by the time I got it on it was probably fairly dry, but spraying some soapy water on the tire after it was on the rim seemed to help to get the bead to seal. I'm planning on adding some Ride-On Tire sealant and balancer, the product has great reviews and I'd like to prevent a flat when I'm a bit far from civilization, has anyone here used the Ride-On product?
  7. Elad
    Nice Technique nice pics great job
  8. Csenior
    Excellent play by play instructions.
  9. RG1984
    Definitely not looking forward to a flat, but when it happens I'll be coming here.
  10. Bustedknuckle1
    Just a great, practical resource for those of us new to this important and potentially money-saving process. Many thanks!!