WP Xplor Fork Basevalve Mod 2021-03-24

How to fix 80% of the problems with the WP Xplor Fork easy and cheap!

  1. raschaa
    This is not my doing, but I have asked and recieved permission to post this here! Thanks to "erhard" at German offroadforen.de.

    This is obviously only for people who know their way around this kind of job. If you are not sure you have the required skills don't do it! Modifying suspension components can lead to all sorts of dangers, even death. You have been warned.

    This tutorial is in German... if this generates enough response I might even translate it. Nonetheless the graphs and proposed shimstacks should be a no-brainer for anyone who has seen the working innards of a modern piece of suspension. I have tested it on my '19 701 and find it does alleviate about 80% of the things I consider to be wrong with the stock Xplor fork configuration. It is a easy job not needing any specialty tools and using original KTM parts.
    The mod trades the original Basevalve for an adjustable one with clickers, adds a few shims and drops some out. Cost is under 50 euros and takes max. 2 hours.

    Good luck and have fun
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