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    20DC0039-EA3E-470A-8E3D-D5D6C01D8CE1.png Wasn’t sure where to post this, but figured since this happened because I was using my iPhone as a GPS I’d post it here.

    tl;dr version:
    1. Phone fell off my bike at 60mph in a cheapie case and survived.
    2. Find my iPhone works amazingly well.
    3. If you own multiple iDevices, give them unique names so you know which one to erase.

    The long version

    Was leading part of a group overnight camping ride with local BMW club - ride 300 miles Saturday, camp, home on Sunday. I had the GPX route loaded into the Gaia app on my iPhone, clamped to the handle bars using a forum sponsor holder. For added protection when I do this, I always put my iPhone in a cheapie weatherproof case that I bought off Amazon for about $12.

    The iPhone holder is a very robust, machined alloy bit of gear that includes a micro-adjuster. It works great - as long as you remember to tighten the micro-adjuster, which I didn’t do at a fuel stop. 40 miles of twisties later I looked down and noticed the phone was gone, and I had no idea where, in the last stretch of wilderness, it might be.

    For some reason when I booted up “find my iPhone” on a friend’s device it wouldn’t give me the location of my iPhone. I was able to get a list of three i-devices - all named Tom’s iPhone, which I could select to erase if it got to the point where I figured I’d never find it. Ultimately I decided to erase my phone just to be safe.

    I got home on Sunday late afternoon, logged into my Apple account and checked the find my iPhone app there - and voila, there was a map showing my iPhone sitting on the side of the road about three miles outside the town I was in when I first noticed it was gone - on the complete other end of our route. it was too late to go back that day to retrieve it, and I didn’t have to work on Monday, so I figured I’d go back and see if I could find it then, or at least what was left of it.

    The next morning I had a great run up the twisties (again), parked in a gravel turnout just past the indicated location on the map, and started walking. Less than a 100 yards into my walk I spotted the blue case six inches off the pavement sitting on the gravel shoulder. My heart leapt with hope, but also dread - figuring I was looking at an empty case; or maybe having to replace a shattered screen.

    Happily, neither. The phone was in the case, still turned on, and completely undamaged - not bad for a 60 mph get-off in a cheapie case. Oh - and that erase procedure I did? It worked, too - on the old 3G I leave in my garage as a music server.

    A few lessons learned from this. Mainly, if you have multiple i-Devices, give them unique names so you can choose the right one to erase should the need arise. Also, a cheap case is cheap protection - and appears to work well enough when needed.
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    I've used the Android equivalent of this several times to remote wipe and lock devices. it's so handy. walking right up to a phones area, making it ring, and then picking it up and dusting it off is awesome
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    i've done the same multiple times, with ,my androids, mostly when i can't find the phone in my oun house ! (usualy burried deep in the sofa pillows)