“Wolf-Istan” rackless soft pannier system

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    Jul 21, 2016
    I had a Mosko Moto R80 on my last bike but it was difficult to install on and off because of the bikes rear handles and was heavy. I will say it is still probably the best thought out and heavy duty bag on the planet.

    For my 19 500X I wanted something rackless, lighter, easier and within the handlebars for lane splitting. After some attempts with other saddle bags and various dry bags I finally got everything I wanted.

    Wolfman (IMHO) copied Mosko and created the B-Base but their largest bag is not even close to what I wanted…expandable up to 30 liters per side dry bag.

    So I was able to fit the Enduristan Tornado 32 liter bags with 3 ROK straps per bag. They fit my 19 CB500X perfect and utilize the passenger footrests for lashing and for support so as not to touch the muffler.

    They even flex a bit (I suspect) during naps.

    The only downside is they must be removed to be opened. I keep tent/tarp on one side and food/cooking equipment on the other so I generally do not need to get in to them until the campsite so it works for me.
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