“Wolf-Istan” rackless soft pannier system

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    I had a Mosko Moto R80 on my last bike but it was difficult to install on and off because of the bikes rear handles and was heavy. I will say it is still probably the best thought out and heavy duty bag on the planet.

    For my 19 500X I wanted something rackless, lighter, easier and within the handlebars for lane splitting. After some attempts with other saddle bags and various dry bags I finally got everything I wanted.

    Wolfman (IMHO) copied Mosko and created the B-Base but their largest bag is not even close to what I wanted…expandable up to 30 liters per side dry bag.

    So I was able to fit the Enduristan Tornado 32 liter bags with 3 ROK straps per bag. They fit my 19 CB500X perfect and utilize the passenger footrests for lashing and for support so as not to touch the muffler.

    They even flex a bit (I suspect) during naps.

    The only downside is they must be removed to be opened. I keep tent/tarp on one side and food/cooking equipment on the other so I generally do not need to get in to them until the campsite so it works for me.
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    Sorry, but check out wolfman history.

    The E a B base systems are evolution of ealier Rollie bag system. If anything Mosko is guilty of copying and likely improveing on green chilli and wolfman design ideas

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    Beat me to it Scott. I'll add that wolfman was so far ahead of the curve that they discontinued the original version (guessing only) due to lack of sales. It's been that long
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