For sale '04 Ford F250 Crew, 6 spd 4X4: Boise, ID

Discussion in 'Other' started by h2o_snow, Jun 17, 2020.

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  1. h2o_snow

    h2o_snow Water, snow & dirt too.

    Sep 24, 2008
    North of Boise-vegas, ID
    First attempt at selling our trusty steed. SOLID, much loved 6.5' bed, always maintained, non smoking, custom ordered, straight, 1 owner truck. 136K miles. V10 gas, XLT trim with a cloth interior. Modified suspension for a pick up camper use. $8,000 w/o Tork Lift ties and super truss receiver, $8,750 with. PM for more details. Thanks.


    Have the tail gate but just dropped the camper and I neglected to put it on. It's straight.


    Might consider tossing in the camper for $12K (but Mrs. Snow will not like that).


    Selling to upgrade to a used dually (so we can tow more crap while still carrying the camper). Note that this has a front 2" receiver so you too can enjoy the thought of running over your bike at 65 mph while towing something else.

    So.....…..the nitty gritty.


    Recently Serviced. Oil change, fluids & battery checked, tires rotated.

    Single owner – have all records. Custom ordered with every HD option available. Manual hubs.

    3K or less mile lifetime oil changes.

    2019 battery

    Front brakes, ball joints, upper and lower control arms about 120,000 miles.

    All fluids flushed and changed at the same mileage. Recent AC recharge.

    Extras: Included

    Front receiver w/ light plug

    Camper plug in – front drivers side bed

    Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks

    Airlift rear airbags: dual path w/ on board compressor

    Torklift rear spring stable loads

    4 BFG Commercial TA studded snows on identical (OEM) rims (pitted)

    Bed mat – HD for camper

    Extras: Negotiable

    Torklift rear truss receiver & tie downs

    Torklift front camper tie downs


    None: mechanically. Everything: windows, cruise, ac etc. functions. Truck is still very strong. Would not hesitate driving anywhere.

    Wear hole – drivers seat cover from egress and degress

    Rear front seat jockey box trim

    Cracked plug in cover – rear receiver

    Front bed rail bent symmetrically from camper use

    Various seat and carpet stains from 16 years of love.

    Was a DD for 6 years and since has been a utility vehicle. Camper, towing, firewood etc. Used but not abused. 6.8l V10 w/ 6 speed has worked for hill towing.

    BFG All Terrain TA's have about 7k - 10K more miles. BFG Commercial TA snows are soft & deep but studs are getting worn. Block heater, sliding rear window, rubber floor mats, telescoping mirrors. Air bags with on board compressor. Adjustable Rancho 9000's.

    Truck is ready for work or play.

    Original sticker.

  2. Biddles

    Biddles Suck it easy!

    Oct 10, 2014
    LI NY
    PM Incoming.
  3. h2o_snow

    h2o_snow Water, snow & dirt too.

    Sep 24, 2008
    North of Boise-vegas, ID
    PM replied. Thanks.

    Thanks for the interest. A few recurring questions. No salt - we are in Idaho. Underside surface rust but no "rust"​
    Seen lots of snow. Always washed after winter use - gets too dirty w/ ice dams to rub into and drop in the drive (mild here in the Valley during winter). Ski out of the camper 20-30X year. Car wash is 1.5 miles away and Santa supplies wash tokens.​
    Paint is still solid. I have had minor ding repair sessions a few X. New tailgate sometime ago. Recall a throwout bearing but not a clutch. (Maybe - load of receipts over 16 years). Eats windshields - on #5 and - APOLOGIZE forgot - there is a new "minor" crack close and parallel with the passenger A pillar. Still reasonably quiet w/ no holes in muffler last check.​
    Have no problem selling this truck. Its really solid - just back from 850 miles social spacing w/ Mrs Snow canoeing & fishing the Henrys Fork. Pleased to support a ride, load and drive. Have a ramp - all you need are cams (and Walmart is 2m away). ​
    Interior - no cracks but 1 funny thumbprint from the factory. Windshield crack way right - not really visible. Garbage bag is a nice farkle. Seats have never been steamed - sorry. Inclusion of 1 duck is negotiable (but not the alligator or bear). Bonus - multiple hidden keys (if we can find them).​
    Cracked plug in cap.​
    Bent front bed rail. Nice and symmetrical (from camper).​
    Rear jockey box trim.​
    Front drivers seat. 16 years of rubbing on my fat ass getting in and out.​
    Social distancing in May.​
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  4. h2o_snow

    h2o_snow Water, snow & dirt too.

    Sep 24, 2008
    North of Boise-vegas, ID
    Still available, still being used and currently only listed here.

    Just found the truck's Yakima racks I kinda forgot we had. Will include them if wanted. May need a step ladder to load.

    Pics this am - went paddling yesterday w/Mrs. Snow. Note - the tailgate is now included.


    Again, front 2" receiver allows everyone to enjoy the dark world of sketchy moto transport.


    Will support PPI's and ride, fly, hitch, walk & drives. Please PM me for the VIN if you'd like to do a search. Clear Title is in hand.

  5. dgore2

    dgore2 Adventurer

    May 8, 2009
    Joplin, MO
    Any issues with the spark plugs? Every had to repair one? Any issues with the exhaust manifold studs?
    Joplin, MO
  6. h2o_snow

    h2o_snow Water, snow & dirt too.

    Sep 24, 2008
    North of Boise-vegas, ID

    Nope and nope. Plugs have been replaced - guessing around 100K.

    Looking into the future - clutch, muffler and oil changes. A trip to the auto upholster and new carpet would make the truckasoris (kiddos (when little)) shine.
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