Sold 04 Mercury Mountaineer near Kansas City $1500

Discussion in 'Other' started by DirtyOldMan, Jul 5, 2019.

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    May 2, 2006
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    This was my Dad's car and he no longer drives so I'm trying to sell it for him.
    In the interest of full disclosure he took out a few cars in a hospital parking garage and bruised it up a bit (hence the no longer drives statement) and mom turned in front of a guy and did likewise.("He was driving too fast"). Both accidents have been repaired by a professional body shop.

    Near as I can tell this is the jazzed up version of a Ford explorer. Leather interior, sunroof all kinds of ding dongs.
    Always stored in a garage, newer tires, body is mint, no rust anywhere. Interior looks great. V6 engine, 153000 miles.

    Here's the rub, the AWD is stuck in 4WD. So when parking or any other low speed maneuver on dry pavement it binds up and hops around. Took it to my regular mechanic and he drained the transfer case and refilled. Evidently someone had put gear oil in instead of transmission fluid. Drove it around a good bit to see if the new fluid would loosen the clutches but no joy.

    Let a transmission guy I know take a look and he says it needs a new transfer case, $1000 to $1200 for a used unit.

    Thought about fixing it and keeping it (really drives great) but my place is starting to look like a used car lot and I have a Transit van on order.

    I've advertised it on CL for $1750, sell it here for $1500.
    I'd even trade it for something interesting, maybe.
    The title is clear.

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