'05 - '07 GS Hand Guard brackets

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    Dec 5, 2012
    Hi inmates! I've been asked to post these here, on this site, from other inmates and have a special inmate only price.:clap
    I have remanufactured replacement brackets that I sell as a a pair.
    They replace BMW PN 7664575 & 7664576. They are based off the original part so they use the same fasteners in the same places. They are injection molded with a high-impact plastic. They have a little give to them so they aren't as brittle as the OEM. :D

    For the lower 48: $15.00 plus $1.25 S&H**
    International: $15.00 plus (sorry) $6.60 S&H**

    **These prices on S&H are current, but the USPS is having a rate incease in mid January that may cause these prices to increase slightly. :evil

    Feel free to email me for further details!