'05.5 to '06 Adventure changes

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  1. vagabondingshane

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Did a search and only came up with '04 to '05 changes. My local dealer has 2 '06 950 Adv's, 1 orange and 1 black, and a brand new '05 for sale 1 orange (which he says is one of the later one's, '05.5 I think, but not sure how to tell for sure, if you know let me in). MSRP is $13,898 on the '06 as many of you know and he is asking $12,898 "sale price" for the '05. So, 1. What are the differences in year if any?, 2. What would be an acceptable OTD price on each? is there wiggle on the '06 and is what is asked for the '05 wiggled down as far as to be expected. Thanks for the help, I need one of these ASAP!!!
  2. Pete156

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    Mar 21, 2006
    My local dealer (Lynnwood Motoplex) has a new 05.5 Orange for 11,995. You can tell the 05.5 model by the heat sheild on the exhaust which has no holes and extends beyond the frame on the newer models. I have one, don't ever foresee getting rid of it. Best motorcycle I've ever owned, period.
  3. Barak

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    Apr 28, 2006
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    CHeck out cycletrader.com . There are about 5-6 2005's around the country (USA) selling for 12K. Good deal if you don't mind flying to pick up your new bike and breaking it in on your trip back home.
  4. vagabondingshane

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Anyone have a answer for these questions? Please help?!
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    Jun 30, 2005
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    There is no difference between the '05.5 and '06 models. The '06 950s are just the improved '05s (commonly called '05.5) that are leftover stock. The "official" '06 is the 990 which isn't available in the US yet.

    You want to look for the stepped seat (on the non-S) and the heat shield as mentioned earlier; these are indications that you have an up to date bike. If you can get an '05.5 cheaper than an '06, get it, they are the same bike, just make sure it's an '05.5, not the unimproved '05. The differences are mentioned all over this forum, but most are hard to see, the seat and the heat shield are the obvious tell-tale signs.

    I got my '05.5 from Scuderia West for $12,299. I wouldn't pay more than that for an '05.5 now that there is "'06" stock around; they should be making a better deal than $12,898 on an '05 if they have '06s sitting on the floor! ...and make sure it comes with the Gobi bags, they are supposed to be included with the bike. :deal

    Good luck.
  6. MTDewX8

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    Feb 4, 2006
    well I got an 06 for 13K out the door. Granite I am still waiting for it to arrive. being in MT. things are a little slow. hopefully this week so I can start breaking it in before the summer riding really gets going.

    Good luck with the shopping but shop around it will pay off
  7. Don Lemelin

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    Haven't made a list or anything yet but from looking up parts for the 950's it seems that the US '06 models received the normal upgrades that KTM is know for doing each year.
    I'll try and list some of these as they come up.
    Just an example is that the '06 950 has the newest upgraded clutch pushrod which is different than the one on the '05.5..
    Also the new fork seals that have been mentioned.
    I'm sure that there are more.
    So, other than the fact that it's a newer model year there seems to be some value as usual, to buying the latest model available.
  8. cjracer

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    Sep 26, 2005
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    MTDewX8, That's about will be paying also. I'm still waiting for my 06 950S to come in. The dealer said his rep told him that it might be another 2-3 weeks. I guess all I can do is keep :tb over the pics here. I don't understand how CA has the 06's already and WI doesn't. We are closer to Ohio. Were do these things get shipped into and how are they distributed?:ear

    Thanks Don, keep us updated. Glad to know that I'm not getting a left over 05.5.:D
  9. Hair

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    Sep 28, 2003
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    I will take a stab at this.

    From what I am seeing the suspension travel has changed again

    04/05 non-S ~10"
    04/05 S 11+"
    05.5 non-S and S less than 7"
    06 non-S and S both a little more than 8"

    This is very hard to follow. My 06 numbers come from powersports network.

    So what is the status on the 950 Enduro? Some dealers are listing it. Also has anyone seen any LC4s sitting around?
  10. Surfdog

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    Feb 23, 2007
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    :eek1 I know there is some difference in the rear brake master cylinder. only because the repair part kits are totally different. 06 get a new diapgram, gasket & fluid. 05 get new diaphram, gasket, push rod, fuild and a few other little items.