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Discussion in 'Dakar champion (950/990)' started by Killer Whale KTM, Oct 26, 2005.

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    Hey Guys,
    Does anyone know what the improvements are for the 05 or 05.5 models are? I remember a list on here somewhere but can't find it with a search.I was hoping that I could order some of the parts from KTM, ie air dam at the forks ?! Anyway if anyone has a list I would appreicate it.
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    If you go to a KTM dealer their parts book for 05 should have markings by the part number that tells if it is a new part . I forget if its a N or * its obvious if you look for it . My early 04 could use that deflector ,it stalls anytime I go through deep water . K.B.
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    the "US 05" are 04 models, hence i will use the usual names and not the 05 and 05.5 names. fact is that ktm usa rebadges models and sells them off as a different year.

    - the 05 features an overworked engine in many details(rumor has it it was done by porsche, who also did that for the new harley twin), it runs smoother, pulls harder. a member from a german language lc8 board who recently changed his 03 to a 05 said that the 05 stock pulls better than a 03 with akras, airbox door and 16t
    - helmet lock
    - different torques on various mountings etc have been optimized.
    - the front rim does seem to be an urban myth though, i ding'ed mine already and according to ktm the swap from 80HRC to 110HRC rims was done sometime this summer, although no specific date has been given. ktm did however confirm that, at least in europe, every rim ordered now is a 110HRC one
    - the heat shield has been improved on the exhaust
    - a splashguard has been added
    - the oil level pin has been changed to a better one made out of plastic
    - the suspension was overworked and lowered 30mm
    - 4.25 rear rim instead of 4
    - carb heating