07 ADV 990 Stall Issues

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  1. simonskeith

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    Jul 12, 2009
    The bike stalls at all RPMs, hot and cold.

    Shop says they replaced filters, hoses and checked pumps. Fuel pressure is fine while in shop, unable to test while riding though.

    As far as the way is stalls goes...you can be idling around town nicely and without issues but as soon as you want to speed up and crack the throttle and you hold it open it idles down and eventually will stall if you do not back off on the throttle. Once you back off it regains its RPM. This normally occurs around 3000 as that is what my speeds driving around town is (give or take).

    I recall a few rides last year where I went out to pass or juice it up a highway hill where is stuttered and slowed a bit but usually never stalled out, maybe I didn't let it go long enough to try it out. I usually just ended up putting in a little jug of octane boost at the next fuel station I came across and it seemed to alleviate the issue for a few tanks.

    The real problem came this spring on start up.
    I kept the tanks full of fuel with stabilizer over the 5 months of garage storage, had the battery inside all winter and periodically placed it on trickle charge.

    Another week has gone by since I've spoken with the dealership and they are still stumped and can't get it to run now at all. The mechanic took it out for a test ride. It stalled and did not start again and now this time he needed to call for a trailer to bring him and the now non-running bike back to the shop........???????