08 KTM 690 Enduro - P1532 after some work - help needed

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    Hi there,

    I am new to the site, although I have used it as the main resource to work on the 08 KTM 690 I own.

    I'm on here looking for some help in getting to the bottom of an elusive fault. Adding to the complexity, I have done a fair bit of work on the bike so here is the history. To cut to the chase, I continue to get a P1532 ("unknown error" in TuneECU), or "EFI motor drive relay permission signal malfunction" (in the KTM repair manual).

    All help most appreciated.

    When first bought (2020):

    - 12k miles (year 2008)
    - Akra muffler, no dbkiller
    - Akra maps, done by dealer
    - In excellent condition (was never used as intended, ridden on sunny days only, on roads)
    - Rockers replaced before purchase

    Issues on purchase

    - Didn't like starting
    - Hated idling, would die at lights unless brapped, sometimes even died on deceleration
    - Lots of chugging at low RPM
    - Lots of backfiring on deceleration and when shifting up gears

    First round of repairs (all done at home):

    - New fuel pump
    - New fuel filter
    - Cleaned injector
    - EVO1 intake and air filter
    - EVO1 maps (remapped on TuneECU)
    - All the 15 min idle resets (no problems encountered)


    - Worked perfectly with all original faults fixed...for a few 100 miles.

    Second round of Issues

    - All going great, then loud backfiring in exhaust, sometimes air-side too
    - Then sounding very flat, almost tinny (lean?)
    - Then (sometimes) kept running, (sometimes) would die, (sometimes) solid FI light on
    - FI light would go away after turning bike off and on again
    - Issue would re-appear (same symptoms) but at increasingly shorter time intervals


    - P1532: "unknown error" in TuneECU; "EFI motor drive relay permission signal malfunction" in KTM repair manual.
    - Eventually got FI flashes 5x long, 8x short: "Malfunction in release of throttle stepper in EPT mode"
    > Fix (as per manual): "Check throttle valve control unit. Check EFI control unit."​

    Second round of repairs (all at home):

    - TPS calibration using TuneECU: values were slightly out on THAD. Brought back to within limits.
    - 15min idle reset (no problems)
    - Results after a short while riding: same issue of backfiring then flat sound with FI on, same P1532
    - I then called the KTM dealer here in London, explained the above, and his suggestion was to buy a new throttle body
    - When the new TB finally arrived, I installed it and did 15min idle calibration (no problems)
    - Errors: you guessed it...same issue of backfiring then flat sound with FI on, same P1532

    THIRD round of repairs (at the dealer):

    - BTW if you are still reading this, you are a hero already. Thank you. Please don't give up on me now.
    - They suggested and completed the following repairs/replacements:
    > EPT ECU (PN: 75041032000)
    > Battery
    > Putting the old TB back on (suspected fault with the new TB, they couldn't calibrate sensors, told me they were getting a 'low voltage' error)​
    - I suggested replacing the Voltage regulator too
    - Errors: symptoms still the backfiring, flat sound and FI light.
    > P1532 with an added
    > P0227 (Grip TPS low Voltage) and
    > P2118 (throttle motor drive circuit malfunction) for good measure​

    FOURTH round of repairs (at home):

    - Replaced old TB (that dealer had re-fitted) with the new one I had bought, did TPS calibration
    - 15 min idle reset
    - Replaced EVO1 intake that I had fitted with stock snorkel
    - Remap back to originally fitted Akra maps (replacing EVO1 maps I had added)
    - 15 min idle reset


    - After a couple miles of perfect performance...backfiring, flat sound and FI light on.
    - P1532 ("unknown error" in TuneECU), or "EFI motor drive relay permission signal malfunction" in the KTM repair manual.
    - Re-checked TPS and all were within limits (hadn't moved at all)

    My assessment

    - Its not the TPS.
    - Its not the maps.
    - Not a fueling (pump, filter, injector) problem.
    - Not an air problem.
    - Not a missed 15 min idle reset.

    Next steps...

    I can only think of:
    - Replacing throttle cables (in case catching somehow and mechanically preventing release of throttle stepper)
    - Replacing EFI ECU (PN: 75041031000)
    - Throwing the bike in the river
    - Stator causing low voltage
    - Throwing the bike in the river
    - Bad earthing, damaged wire, short circuit
    - Throwing the bike in the river

    In summary

    If anyone on here has got the faintest idea what is going on with it, please do let me know. I would be eternally grateful. Even if it is just a suggestion of what direction to go in next in terms of the planned repairs, that would be of huge help too.

    And thank you for reading through all the above blurb. If you made it this far, I can only thank you for your patience, and wish that the gods of motorcycling cast their smile upon you.
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    Nov 3, 2011
    Try a kinked fuel hose in the tank and maybe the rubber between throttle body and intake are out of alignment.
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    My problem was a faulty spark plug cap (hard to start, died on idle, but no EFI codes).
    I would "bet" on bad connection somewhere in "sistem" .
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