'09 BMW F650GS -Front brake rotor bolts are loose

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by Dave92029, Feb 3, 2009.

  1. Dave92029

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    My dealer is physically moving this week, so it isn't the best time to contact them.

    I was cleaning my 2009 F650GS when I noticed that the front brake rotor was loose. I got a wrench and had to tighten every bolt that holds the rotor. These bolts were inspected and tight just 2,000 miles ago.

    I'm a little concerned that all the bolts came loose in such a short interval of easy moderate speed street riding. :cry

    BMW has a recall on the sprocket bolts because they where not installed correctly. Is there also a problem with the front brake rotor bolts? Has anyone else with more than 2,500 miles verified that your rotor is securly tightened? :huh

    I have tightened all the bolts. They all needed about a half turn of the wrench to secure them. This should be ok until my dealer relocates to their new location and has a chance to look at the bike. I am now checking the tightness of the rotor every time I stop the bike. I now have a very low confidence level in the bike. :cry

    This is just an other reason why my buddies laugh at me for buying a new BMW. Unfortunately BMW's are becoming legendary for being unreliable, and requiring the dealers under the warrany to correct the factory's errors. :eek1
  2. Monkey_Boy

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    Bummer. Hey, were the bolts finger loose? I ask because on the Japanese bikes, they use bolts coated with a heavy infusion of a soft material that keeps them tight. It's not loctite, it's some other material. So if they do come lose (I've never seen it happen) they can't actually back out.

    Might want to check into that. Also, perhaps blue loctite is in order? Sounds like BMW is having some quality issues on their early runs. Good thing you caught it!
  3. Rudolfo

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    This problem as been recognized by BMW and they are doing a recall in some places.

    My bike was already checked (Portugal) and had no issues.

    Some bikes require some new parts - all in the warranty.

    Contact BMW directly, tell them your problem and say that you have read ablut a recall in other countries.
  4. Navaho

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    I got a recall notice last week about the front disc bolts possibly being too short. I got my bike in Sept. Mine are tight but the dealer will change them out, anyway.