09 F8GS 35Kw wheelie troubles

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    Its because of Sheeple

    A sport bike = instant death
    A normal bike just adds a bit of delay before that sudden death

    Low motorcycle ownership rate (39 bikes /1000 people) here
    extra bureaucracy = more money for the state / DMV like institutions

    The ACEM makes up most of the rules and sends them to the EU commission or whatever it is called.

    They do actual research and ask for feedback from EU motorcycle drivers.
    But driving in poland for example is a whole lot of difference than driving in the netherlands.

    Source: http://www.acem.eu/images/publiq/2014/Safe_ride_future.pdf

    Is that due to better drivers or just better technology, better mentality and higher education level?
    This pretty much confirms that:
    Young people are to young before they care about the regulations, "old" people don't care because they already have a full license. So whatever regulation they come up with there will be none to little protest.

    There is no definitive answer if the new licence regulations actually work.
    If there is, please prove me wrong.

    There are also quite a lot of people that drive unlimited bikes without any motorcycle training because they feel it is to much of an hassle. This is also another negative effect of this regulation.

    Just send ACEM an email with the thoughts and comments in this thread.
    I made a list of things that I do like and things that I don't like about the regulations.
    I'm awaiting their response.
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    So noted.

    And that's funny.

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    I agree on the first part. But the second part i don't because you do not need to rip a bigger bike from its power, instead you can just buy a smaller bike and have even better results because that bike was build for its power.:ear