10th Annual Smokey Bear Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride 7/30-8/3/18 Cloudcroft, New Mexico

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    Announcing the 10th annual Smokey Bear Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride.

    Monday, July 30 - Friday, August 3, 2018.

    Come spend a week riding your motorcycle in an alpine environment away from the Texas heat.

    9th Annual Smokey Bear Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride 2017 - What Happened?


    Weather information
    Average temperature end of July / first of August high 70.5° & low 46.7°

    I want to invite others to come out and ride for three reasons, (other than to meet new riding friends).

    1. The trails need more riding in. If we don't use the trails we risk losing access.
    2. More riders over a short period of time will demonstrate the positive economic impact of motorcyclists responsibly using National Forest land.
    3. Although there is no cost to participate in the ride I would like to make a group donation to a local Cloudcroft organization or charityto give back and further motorcyclists cause as a responsible user group; organization and amount TBD. Regardless of the local Cloudcroft organization or charity I would like to get a group of riders together for a short ceremony to make the donation at lunch time one day.

    Basic information
    The ride is based in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. For an idea of the riding available check out the pictures and video from the 2011 Ride Report. For even more trail / forest service road videos click HERE, search New Mexico 400 or Smokey Bear Dual Sport Motorcycle Ride.

    Invite your family, invite your friends, everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and ride. You determine when you arrive or depart and your level of participation each day - ride all day, 1/2 a day or not at all. My family plans to ride Monday through Friday.

    No formal rides, meetings or routes. Just an excuse to ride in the mountains and escape the Texas heat, plus see 3 reasons above. Available terrain ranges from class 1 roads to extreme enduro type trails with astounding variety and options, in fact part of the NMBDR route goes through the area. With riders of different skill levels attending you should be able to ride with someone or a group that fits your ability. I.E. Find the group that is going to ride at the level you want for the day. If you need to warm up (temperature wise) and get tired of aspen and pine trees head west 10 or so miles down the mountain for some desert riding.

    I will be happy to give route and terrain advice from the areas I've ridden, I still haven't ridden it all in 10 tries, plus a lot of TWTer's have extensive knowledge of the area. Fortunately the detailed Map makes it easy to explore and find your way back.

    The great thing about riding in the Cloudcroft area is it doesn't take extensive planning just a willingness to explore. I've never used GPS in Cloudcroft, but usually always do in Texas. Why? There are so many options. I usually just head out of town each day in a different direction from the day before and let the ride flow. See a legal road or trail, check it out. Signage has improved in the area but not perfect, which in doubt check the Map. At an intersection we go the way that looks the most fun and where the sky is lighter. Most days there will be a shower somewhere in the forest, usually easily avoided by watching the sky, that also keeps the dust down or eliminates it completely. If a road or trail is too wet, like the three bears you can usually find one that is just right. Then at 3 or 4p in the afternoon wherever we are in the forest we find our location or the MVUM Mapand connect the best route back to Cloudcroft.

    My family will be on plated dirt bikes but there are plenty of forest service and logging roads for heavier dual sports and adventure bikes. The days my wife rides we stick mostly to gravel forest service roads and logging roads as most of the single-track trails are very technical. I try to get in at least one full day on the Rim Trail and other single-track trails.

    My wife and I plan to arrive on Saturday night to get situated on Sunday, scouting, getting last minutes items, and maybe even riding a little.

    We stay at the Spruce Cabins, there are lots of cabins in town and several motels. We stock up on groceries in Alamogordo for sandwiches on the trail and to cook out in the evenings.
    The Spruce Cabins offers a 10% motorcycle discount but you have to ask for it to receive it.
    If you stay 6 nights at the Spruce Cabins, the 7th night is free, since we booked 6 nights we are going to arrive a day early and take advantage of the extra night.

    Camping in Lincoln National Forest

    Unofficial Gatherings
    Sunday, July 29 @ 7p - Big Daddy's Diner

    Tuesday, July 31 @ 7p - Western Bar & Cafe for Taco Tuesday

    Thursday, August 2 @ 1p - Weed Cafe

    The unofficial banquet will be Friday, August 3th at Ski Cloudcroft.Unofficial meaning, no host, show up if you want, when you want, of course during their business hours. My group will probably get there between 630 & 7p.
    http://skicloudcroft.net/ - "The restaurant is also open for the summer, Friday 4-8 PM, Saturday 12-8 PM, and Sunday 12-7 PM. Get out of the heat and enjoy one of our famous pizzas on the deck and cool summer air."



    Riding requirements
    Motorcycles registered for use on public streetsare not required to be registered for off-highway motor vehicle use. NEW MEXICO OFF-HIGHWAY MOTOR VEHICLE (OHV) PROGRAM
    A Texas (or New Mexico) OHV sticker is required for off road only motorcycles to ride on National Forest land. Texas Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) Program / Out of State or Visitor Permitting Rquirements

    General jetting information

    Trail information
    Trail information
    Trail spreadsheet with difficulty ratings
    Motor Vehicle Use Map
    MVUM Map for the Sacramento District of the Lincoln National Forest with the trail rating spreadsheet ratings highlighted, trails marked easy, moderate, and difficult as per the rating spreadsheet. Prepared by the TrailBoss.
    Paper maps and other trail information is available at the Sacramento Ranger District office, 4 Lost Lodge Rd, Cloudcroft, NM 88317 Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:00pm M-F

    GPS track maps
    Cloudcroft partial overview
    Rim Trail GPS
    Benson Ridge area, Taylor Canyon Trail (T5007) & Wills Canyon Trail (T5008)
    West Side Road
    Apple Tree Canyon Trail (T5601)
    Karr Canyon Rd

    New Mexico off-road riding information

    About the area
    Cloudcroft Chamber of Commerce

    Alamogordo is 16 miles to the west (about 4500 feet lower in elevation) has the major chain stores and several motorcycle shops.

    Cloudcroft, New Mexico is....
    * up at 9,000 elevation.
    * 40 miles from casino wagering and golf at the Inn of the Mountain Gods.
    * 50 miles from Ruidoso Downs.
    * 16 miles from the Space Museum, Alameda Park Zoo, and Toy Train Depot in Alamogordo.
    * 40 miles from White Sands National Monument.
    * 150 miles from Carlsbad Caverns.
    * 90 miles from El Paso and the Mexican border.
    * Within 50 miles of 8 magnificent golf courses.

    Why is the ride named after Smokey Bear? In 1950 a real baby bear became the live "Smokey” when he was rescued from certain death by firefighters in a devastating blaze in New Mexico's Lincoln National Forest.


    NM True TV - Season 5 - Episode 12: A Weekend in Cloudcroft - YouTube
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    Would love to attend but it's tough to get time off during the week. Should be a great time though, I love riding up there.
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    I just moved up here to Mayhill from Central Texas, and will make it out for at least a day or two - work starts this week for me. For restaurants I highly recommend Dave's on Burro Street, the Texas BBQ, and the NEW Cloudcroft Brewing Company that just opened a couple of weeks ago. If you are not camping I highly recommend the Mountain Park Hostel in High Rolls! Book it through AirBnB. They have single bunks in a four man room (also a room for just women) for like $19 a night, and the largest family room which sleeps 3-4 is only about $47. That's where I have been staying a lot recently. Check it out!