1190 Adventure R brake problems

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    Nov 10, 2012
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    I have a 2014 1190 that is having some brake problems.

    Backstory, ive rode this bike over 25k miles, and the brakes have been crisp, and strong feeling. One day I swapped them out, and went for a short ride after and everything worked great. Rode a couple hundred miles more over the next couple weeks or so, and they felt a little bit spongy, but not bad.

    I let the bike sit for about a month, and found that the brake lever now goes to the handlebar effortlessly. Checked brake fluid,and its full (brake fluid is about 1 year old). I look around the calipers and brake lines and don't see any visual leaks anywhere.
    I decided to hold the front brake lever in, and crack the nipple on top of the master cylinder. A huge rush of air came out. Closed it, and now brakes a perfect again! Success!

    But wait!... A week later its back to being worthless. Same thing again. Repeat same process as before, and only a little bit of air comes out. Brake lever feels good.

    Go for an hour long ride, and after about 30 minutes its getting real spongy again. I get home take off the front wheel, unbolt the calipers, and put everything back on the exact way the ktm manual says to do so.

    Crack nipple at master, air comes out.Close. Brakes are good as new, and lasted for about a month.

    So here I am now, back to having an extremely soft brake lever, and am not sure what to do. Ideas?

    Thanks guys!
  2. VX Rider

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    Dec 11, 2015
    suggest you rebuild caliper and master cylinder
    some seal isn't, and you are getting air in the system.
    could even be the crush washers at brake line fittings